How to Stay On the Perfect Path of Nature.

Nature is strong. Nothing and no one can stand in the way of nature. The path of nature, in your life, is the path that brings you the most Love, Health and Happiness. To stay on the path of nature, you need to vibrate at 100% Love and Happiness so that you can have experiences at that level, now and in the future.

Below are Ways to stay on the path of nature:
– Stay in the Here and Now, don’t get ahead of yourself, and don’t fall way behind.
– Increase your awareness of the truth of what is actually happening here and now in your experience so that you can make honest reactions and take real actions that matter.
– Pray for Love and Support to have what you want in your life.
– Do what you enjoy for work and money.
– Do what you need to do to actually have what you want in every aspect of your life.
– Meditate on having what you want. Focus on having what you want.
– Value your happiness above all else.
– Value your spiritual growth.
– Stay happy and thankful.
– Achieve your goals.
– Be yourself. Be happy and proud of yourself unconditionally.

There are many things that can block us from staying on the path of nature. Our parents might teach us the wrong way, and society and culture can also mislead us with wrong information. When we are not on the path of nature, things will start to go wrong and there will be a lot of problems in our lives including sickness and disappointment.

Below is a list of things you should let go of, so that you can stay on the path of Nature:
– Let go of anything that is blocking your love and happiness.
– Let go of anything that is limiting you from having what you want at the 100% level, including fear and negative expectations.
– Let go of anything that decreases your awareness.
– Let go of distortions and distractions from having what you want.
– Let go of the wrong times, wrong places and wrong people.
– Let go of laziness and doing nothing.
– Let go of not taking steps to have what you want.
– Let go of only focusing on doing but not on having.

There is a plethora of negative energies that can mislead us and sidetrack us from our own perfect path. The good news is that the perfect path is always Love and Happiness, so if we stay in those good vibrations, then our lives will be exactly as we want them to be, and it becomes easy to continue to feel good and have what we want in every aspect of our lives.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to release all negative energies from your life. You will then be able to stay on your path of Nature that will bring you the most joy.

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Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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