Healing For People Who Feel Stuck.

Healing For People Who Feel Stuck.

Healing For People Who Feel Stuck.

Nobody likes feeling stuck or stagnant. Everyone likes moving forward and seeing things improve. People like achieving their important goals. When people feel that nothing is happening – then they feel stuck. This is where Light Axis Healing can help to clear negative beliefs, feelings and vibrations which allow a person to feel more joy, confidence and enthusiasm which leads to no longer feeling stuck and instead feeling that they are moving forward, and having the experiences of happiness that they want to have now.

Sometimes people are presented with difficulties in their life. Sometimes people are dealing with too many traumas. These kinds of experiences can lead to feelings of Futility, Impossibility and Disillusionment. This then leads to feeling stuck.

Futility means that it feels like that there is no point in doing something because you won’t get the desired result. It is a form of hopelessness and powerlessness. It is a form of giving up and a kind of depression.

Impossibility is when people believe that achieving something is impossible. This belief stops all good beliefs. It stops all progress forward.

Disillusionment is when people regret not having achieved something. For example a 60 year old woman regrets not having played the cello more when she was 18. This kind of energy, makes people feel that they can’t do things in the present. It is a state of regret and sadness that prevents a person from allowing themselves to enjoy themselves in the present.

Futility, Impossibility and Disillusionment are extremely negative emotions that create self doubt and negative self talk in people. They also create stagnation and emptiness and feeling stuck.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to let go of Feeling Stuck, Self Doubt, Futility, Impossibility and Disillusionment. The healing will help you to realise that you can achieve anything that you want now, and focus on allowing yourself to enjoy yourself in the now. The healing will help you to have what you want now, and also the healing will help you to focus on feeling more joy and satisfaction now.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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