Preparing for a Psychic Reading.

Preparing for a Psychic Reading.

Preparing to receive a Psychic Reading

Hello my name is Max Mancer. I have been doing psychic readings for people for many years. Below are some ways to prepare to receive a psychic reading.

-Approach the psychic reading in a healthy balanced way. The best perspective is that a psychic reading is a good way to get confirmation on your own intuition
-Recognize that your intuition is more important than the reading and what the reader says.
-Recognize that the psychic reader is a person that has developed their psychic abilities more than you, and allow them to give you their psychic opinion.
-Recognize that the psychic reader is not perfect, and is not a God. They are a person just like you.
-Do a longer reading, that allows you to ask as many questions as you like. I offer a 30 Minute Readind, which allows you ask as many questions as you like. During the reading, you will think of more questions, and new information will be presented.
-Before the Psychic Reading, write down a list of psychic questions that you want to ask. When you write questions down, it will help you to think of more questions.
-If you go over time, be ready to stop, or be ready to purchase another reading, if you want to continue.
-You will get more out of a psychic reading, if you do them often, as your life will change.
-You will make decisions, and take actions in life, that change your future, so do more readings.
-Try to avoid general readings. A general reading is where you tell a reader “Tell me what you see”, without giving information. This kind of reading is too open ended, and it will be very unsatisfying. The reason is tha the psychic reader will get too much information. Instead you should be specific and tell the reader about your situation, and ask exactly what you want to know about. Otherwise you waste the time and energy of the reader, when they are trying to guess things, instead of telling them what you already know about the situation.
-Read the website of the psychic reader, and be aware of the way that they do readings, and their terms and condition, as different reader, have different ways of doing things.
-There are no refunds. If you buy a reading, do it in good faith. No one can guarantee a result. Instead try to extract some useful information that comes through.
-A reading is an experential thing. Just go ahead an do one. Do be too hesitant. If you are scared, and you don’t trust, then your negative energy might ruin the reading.
-A reading is not the be all and end all in life.
-Don’t record a reading without permission. Don’t listen to a reading over and over many times. It is supposed to be listened to once, and then let go.

-To prepare for a psychic reading, choose a psychic reader that you feel comfortable with and feel good with. Before the reading, write down all your questions about what you want to know. When you write your questions down, you will think of more questions. You should think about specifics aspects of your life such as Love, relationships, romance, career, work, jobs, money, finances, travel and health. It is beneficial to tell the psychic about your situation and to give the psychic several options to select from. For example, if you are wanting to know if you will fall in love with specific different people, then give the psychic their first names to tune in to each one for you. If you are thinking about moving house, then give the psychic a list of areas that you are thinking of moving to. If you are thinking of changing careers, give the psychic a list of options of careers that you would actually do. This makes the reading more focused and useful for you.

Phone Psychic Readings
Below are some benefits of receiving a psychic reading via phone:
– You can receive the reading in the comfort of your own home.
– You can receive the readings instantly now when you need it or with a short waiting time.
– You get to speak to a real psychic person.
– You can ask your questions to the psychic.
– You can have a pleasant conversation about what you are going through, so that the psychic reader can guide you further on what path you should be taking to get to where you want to be.

Email Psychic Readings
Below are some benefits of receiving a psychic reading via email:
– It is the most convenient and easy way to receive a reading.
– You can receive the reading in the comfort of your own home.
– You can write your questions in the email and then send them to the psychic.
– You can receive the email reading without needing to spend time, speaking on the phone.
– You can receive answers quickly usually within 4-12 hours, depending on the reader.
– You can hold on to the psychic reading for future reference.
– You might also receive bonus goodies like astrology and numerology if you do an email reading.

Downsides of Face-to-Face Readings Below are some downsides of face to face readings:
– You have to travel to see the reader which means you spend time, energy, money just to get there.
– You may be distracted by the psychic room, crystals, and tarot card imagery.
– You may be distracted by how the psychic reader looks or speaks.
– You may feel distracted and forget your questions.
– The reader has to prepare their space which means that you will have to book the session in and you can’t have it right now.

Don’t base your whole life on a reading, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, use your own intuition and feel your true feelings. Do what feels right. Remember that sometimes a reading can work in a non-linear way.

Ask questions about what you want to know in a psychic reading. This is better value for you the client.

I do 15 Minute and 30 Minute Readings. Please check them out on my website.

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Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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