The Right Time is Now to Have What You Want Now.

Sometimes people want to have an experience and they are ready to have an experience, but they sabotage their happiness by telling themselves that “I can’t have that experience yet” or “It is not the right time yet”.

These negative beliefs and feelings will create waiting, needing, nothing happening and unnecessary time between now and the experience. It pushes the experience away from the now and prevents people from growing and a person so that they stop having experiences that they want. It prevents them from being open to receive and open to grow.

It blocks them from the flow of having more resources and being more learning and knowledge. It can actually block love, relationships, communication and business success.

It is the right time to do what you want.
It is the right time to have friends and a partner.
It is the right time to be proud of being yourself.
It is the right time to learn, grow and heal.
It is the right time to do your best with your given resources.
It is the right time to be thankful and ask for help.
It is the right time to surrender to love.
It is the right time to let go of a negative past.
It is the right time to celebrate every good thing that happened today.
It is the right time to be happy and be in love.
It is the right time to have everything you want, in every aspect of your life at the same time, in a balanced way.

Sometimes psychics can tell people that something will happen in 2 years time, but you can have what you want, instantly now, with the right thoughts, feelings and actions. Healing your thoughts, feelings and actions with a Light Axis Healing, will give you the ability and power to have what you want instantly now.

If you have stopped growing in a part of your life, and you want help to have more balance your life, then you can release your blocks and heal those parts of your life with a Light Axis Healing Session. You can purchase a Light Axis Healing Session from Glen Machin at:

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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