Healing For Letting Go Of Trauma.

Healing For Letting Go Of Trauma.

Trauma is a negative experience. It usually makes people feel bad and sad and disappointed. Unfortunately, people can tend to hold on to the pain of the trauma in their body and mind, and it prevents them from fully expressing their happiness, because they are afraid of this pain happening again. A trauma can be a physical thing like a car crash accident or something like being slapped in the face by your parents when you were young. A trauma can be emotional as well, like feeling bad because you broke up with your partner, or being verbally bullied by someone. A trauma can also be a negative way of interpreting what is happening, which may not even be real, such as being rejected at a nightclub door by a bouncer, because the club is full, but then thinking that you have been hurt and singled out in some way. There is also imperceptible subtle trauma. For example, not having an experience that you want to have for several years, could be considered to be a subtle trauma.

In my opinion trauma occurs when we are with times, places and people that are less than 100% right for us. These negative energies will create trauma for us. The less “right” these energies, times, places and people are for us, the more likelihood there is of trauma happening to you, because of them.

If we ae born into the wrong family, work in the wrong job or go to the wrong school, we will experience trauma.

Having what you don’t want is a trauma.
Not Having what you want is a trauma.

The only way to have zero trauma, is to be with times, places and people that ae 100% right for you. These energies, times, places, people and situations will help you to be healthy and maintain health and happiness.

A Light Axis Healing can help you to heal and let go of all the traumas that you have, which will allow you to feel happier and healthier.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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