The Different Types of Dreams.

The Different Types of Dreams.

The Different Types of Dreams.

Below are several types of dreams and how they work.

1. The Exhaustion Dream
You have this type of dream when you go to sleep really exhausted. The dream will be scattered and mean nothing at all. It is just a way for you mind to let go of the exhaustion so that you can be energised again. Sometimes these dreams can be a bit discombobulating.

2. The Prophetic Dream
In these dreams you actually see what happens in your future. It can be something that will happen in the following day, week, month or year. There is always a beneficial reason for you to accurately see a future event.

3. The Communication with Others Dream
In these dreams you speak to other beings. Sometimes they are people who are alive and sometime they are spiritual being on the other side. Be aware that in these dreams you might be speaking to the higher self or astral self of other beings, and that those parts of those beings may behave very differently to the beings that you are used to seeing in your awake life. The higher self of one of your relatives could behave differently to have they behave in your awake life.

4. The Nightmare Dream
These are scare dreams. They happen for the following reasons:
– Your body maybe in a bad sleeping position so the nightmare causes you to wake.
– Sickness can give you nightmares.
– Watching scary movies and scary imagery can give you nightmares.
– Entities and negative spirits can give you nightmares.
– If you are experiencing negative energy in your awake life, this can give you nightmares.
– A nightmare can be your spirit’s way of waking you if you sleep in.
– A nightmare can also be a good dream that protects you from connecting with a bad person or place.

5. The True Energy Reality Dream
These dreams are the most beautiful and vivid dreams. These are dreams where you see the structure of reality, or you absorb all the information in the universe, or you expand to the size of the whole universe. You basically know everything you want to know in a split second, and you have everything that you want, and you become pure happiness and light.

6. The Lucid Dream
These are dreams that you have in the hypnagogic state of consciousness, just before you fall asleep or just before you wake up. In these dreams you will realise that you are dreaming and then you will have full control over the dream. This can help you to gain more control over your awake life. If you want to have more of these dreams, then keep a dream journal.

7. The Receiving Information Dream
These dreams come in 2 forms
– Direct messages in plain English. In these dreams you are told what you want to know exactly or you are shown images of exactly what you need to do to have what you want.
– Symbolic metaphorical dreams. In these dream you are shown symbols that you must interpret or you receive a download of millions of bits of information that will automatically be there to help you when you wake up. These dreams lead you to have what you want, indirectly.

8. The Being Called Into the Dimensions Dream
Most people don’t know about these dreams.
During the day, you may feel a strong spiritual pressure and sleepiness. This is your spirit and guides that are calling you into the dimensions to learn something. This is a short nap dream.

A healing session can help to release nightmares or entities from your dreams. It can also help you to interpret any type of dream.

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Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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