Healing Help For Losing Weight.

Healing Help For Losing Weight.

Healing Help For Losing Weight.

It is important for people to lose weight, when they are overweight.

Being overweight can cause problems such as foot pain, leg pain, and back pain. Being overweight, decreases mobility and energy levels. Being overweight can lead to heart disease and heart attacks. Being overweight can also be associated with overeating and diabetes. Being overweight is also associated with people feeling bad about how they look.

If you are very overweight and you want to lose weight, you might need to consult with your doctor and a dietician, to have a clear picture of your current state of health. Exercising, changing your diet can be big steps to take, and you need to make sure that you are going to lose weight safely. You also need to take into consideration your age. If you are over 50 then your body may not be as resilient as before, and you may need to focus more on decreasing food intake, than exercising to get to your weight loss goal.

Do what feels right, and stay within your body’s limits so that you don’t get hurt in the process of losing weight.

The best time of year to lose weight is in the warmer six months of the year. This is because sometimes, a reduction in food, and increase in exercise, can make your body feel colder, at night time. Also it is easier to lose weight when you are on holidays, as work may use a lot of your energy and make you want to eat more.

It is important to have a weight loss goal. Your goal weight should be based on Body Mass Index Data, combined with your own understanding of what weight you actually look good at. It would be pointless to become so skinny that you hate the way that you look. It is important to have a weight scale that you measure your weight on every couple of days to see where you are at.

How to Lose Weight

Eating Less:
– It is important to eat less when you want to reduce your weight. By putting less calories into your body, your body will have to start converting the fat that you have stored, into usable energy. This will make you lose weight.
– It is a good idea to stop drinking alcohol completely, because alcohol is usually mixed with sugars and can lead to a lot of eating as well. – It is a good idea to stop buying junk food and chocolate. Also throw out remaining stores of junk food. You don’t want to have snacks available for consumption.
– If you need to diet, then stop eating bread. Bread really fills the body up with weight.
– Eat more fibre like bran for breakfast, and some fruits with their skin like apples. Fibre will make you digest better, and not absorb so much stuff. – You need to buy foods that are very light.
– It is good to eat foods that are tasty, because the tastiness will make up for the lack in quantity. Nice tastes will help you to eat less. For example instead of coke, you can have vanilla coke. It is also good to eat food with interesting textures, and also food that has volume to it but is very low in calories, like cottage cheese. Instead of a bland rice cake, you can get ones that are cheese flavour. Be imaginative and creative.
– Drink more water, but don’t overdo it. You can die from drinking too much water.

– Temporary juice fasts are okay. The benefits of a juice fast are that nutrients are still being absorbed by the body.
– Fasting should be done when you have time off from work as you have to be relaxed and in a restful state.
– Temporary Water Fasting is a bit more extreme, but also effective, and I would only recommend 2 consecutive days of this at maximum, as any more than that could be dangerous, especially if you are not accustomed to this process. The right way to approach water fasting is to gradual decrease your food intake, and then start with a small fast and then break that fast, and then then leave a week or so before the next fast and work your way up slowly to 2 full days. So for example start with a 12 hour fast, then spend some days recovering from that and then do a 24 hour one. If you want more advice about water fasting, have healing session with me.

Get good exercise shoes. Don’t get cheap shoes. You need to protect your feet. Be aware that if you exercise and you are overweight, you may encounter difficulties such as blisters on your feet and chaffing where your limbs rub your body, usually between the thighs. Also get comfortable clothing to exercise in.

Do a really good warm up and do stretching of your legs and arms. Stretch out the lower body and upper body. It will all be moving and working and needs to be warmed up, or you risk injury or excess pain after the workout. Warm down and stretch after the exercise as well.

Rest after exercise to give your body a chance to recover. If you have excessively sore muscles, then put some muscle pain reliving cream on them. If you have an injury, then don’t exercise until it is better.

Drink water when you need to when doing exercise. You need to stay hydrated.

Swimming is the lowest impact exercise, as your body weight is supported by the water.

Walking is low impact and good. You can get gel insoles for your feet to make walking even lower impact. Don’t walk too far or you will get too tired.

Jogging is great if your body can handle it. Jogging and running are high impact exercises.

Don’t push yourself beyond your limits. Instead allow your body to develop more stamina and then you can do a bit more. If you do too much exercise you will stress the body and immune system, and you may get really sick. It may be good to go for a jog every 2 – 3 days and not every day. On the off days you can do some other exercise like yoga or swimmining.

As you use more energy in exercise, and decrease food intake, your body will naturally lose weight, as fat is converted to usable energy. This process of losing weight should be continued until you actually get to your target weight. To make it easier you can set smaller weight loss goals that are easier to achieve. Then you can take a rest, and eat normally for a while, and then you can set another weight loss goal.

Healing Help For Losing Weight

Losing weight when you are overweight can be really hard. Light Axis Healing Sessions can give you the help and support you need to make it EASY to lose weight QUICKLY.

A Light Axis Healing Session will clear the negative emotions and beliefs you see listed below, from your consciousness so that it is easy to lose weight:

– Traumas, sadness, anger, fear
– Laziness
– Low will power
– Lack of self control
– Re-opening the past
– Not doing what you say you are going to do
– breaking plans and promises
– Overeating
– Eating the wrong foods
– Eating out all the time
– Not cooking
– Low impulse control
– Addiction to food
– Negative body image
– Bad sleep patterns
– Not being punctual – being late – not caring
– Addiction to drugs like alcohol
– Addiction to smoking
– Snoring problems
– Lack of exercise
– Lack of motivation
– Giving up
– Pessimism and doubt
– Emptiness and lack
– Not feeling satisfied

Slow weight loss Vs Fast Weight Loss

Slow weight loss:

Eating minimally will decrease your weight slowly over time. This is good for people to get used to eating less. Weight will drop slowly over a period of 6 months to a year. The downside is that you will be constantly in a state of decrease across that year. You have to have a lot of patience for this.

Fast Weight Loss:

Doing a bunch of 2 day water fast that are interspersed with days where you eat minimally, will help you to drop weight faster. This is good for people who are healthy enough to do this, and who don’t have the patience to wait a year.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to have the courage and willpower to successfully embark upon losing weight and keeping it off. It will help you to reach your weight loss goal. If you want more information, then have a healing session with us and we can help you.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help to heal your past, present and future.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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