How To Be Yourself And Stay In Your True Feelings.

How To Be Yourself And Stay In Your True Feelings.

How To Be Yourself And Stay In Your True Feelings.

The best way to Be Yourself, is to feel what you are truly feeling in every moment and to be honest about it to yourself, and to others. You need to be honest to others with tact and in a sincere and polite way. When you are honest about what you truly feel, then you can make the right decisions and take the right actions that will lead you to more happiness.

When people are not being themselves, they are fake. Then they make mistakes. This leads people to sadness and to sickness.

Below are some Mistakes that people make when they are not being themselves:

– Acting like they are somebody else, to be accepted and loved by others.

– Not being honest to other people about how they feel about the other person’s behaviour, when they don’t like the other person’s behaviour.

– Working in the wrong career.

– Relating to people that clash with them.

– Giving too much of themselves to others that are detrimental to them.

– Following others blindly and bending to social peer pressure, rather than choosing what is best for them.

We all wear a “social mask” of politeness. We use this mask to co-exist peacefully with people who are very different to us. It helps us to work with others. Some people take this “social mask” concept, too far, and then they start to “act happy” even when they are not actually happy. People need to be happy to stay healthy and to stay alive. When a person is only acting happy, but they are not actually happy, they can get very sick, or even die, because of the lack of happiness.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to connect to your true feelings. This will help you make good decisions and to take good actions, which will then help you to feel good about yourself and your life, which will keep you feeling healthy. A healing session will heal your ability to feel and experience true happiness.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help to heal your past, present and future.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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