How To Stop Moving In The Wrong Direction in Life.

People move in the wrong direction in life for many reasons. Below are some reasons:
-Wrong Priorities
-Valuing things incorrectly
-Allowing their pride and ego to influence their decisions
-Allowing people who are psychic vampires into their life
-Lying to themselves and others
-Needing to be like others to be happy
-Attachment to needing something first before allowing self to be happy

When someone is moving in the wrong direction they will encounter red flags or negative signs that show them they are going in the wrong direction. Below are some of these red flags:

-Having really bad disturbing experiences with others
-Feeling like you have gone way too far
-Feeling like you have not gone far enough at all
-Lack of money
-Feeling drained
-Feeling disturbed
-Dealing with negative people
-Feeling Pressure and Tension
-Coinciding with people that you don’t like
-Feeling choked up in the throat

Going in the wrong direction in life, leads to lack and sadness and sickness. It can also lead to falling down and breaking your knees, legs, shoulders or arms. People usually go in the wrong direction because they act from their negative ego. This path leads to anger and sadness and physical sickness. A person’s ego is their unresolved shadow aspect. This unresolved shadow aspect is that part of the person that abuses power and makes decisions that cause them to disconnect from their self, which leads to sickness.

Conversely, moving in the right direction will make you feel peaceful and happy. Your actions will be coming from Love.

Sometimes when people start to move in the right direction, they feel bad in the short term, before recognising that moving in the right direction is making them feel good in the long term.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help you to move in the right direction in life. A healing can help you to take actions based on caring about yourself and others.

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Written by Max Mancer – Light Axis Healing


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