Healing to Remove Ghosts and Entities

Healing to Remove Ghosts and Entities

Ghosts are a type of entity.

An entity is either a non physical being or a temporary mental energy construct that enjoys negative energy and devolving. They live on the astral plane, also known as the lower mental plane. It can also be called purgatory. They are usually liars and manipulators, and will try to take on the forms of beings that you have seen in your memories. But they are not those beings. It is from the astral, that they deal with the experiences that belong to the vibrations of fear, anger and sadness. Sometimes when people on earth vibrate very low, they can see or feel ghosts in the physical world. Ghosts are stuck in the astral plane because they do not vibrate at the level of love and support. Sometimes negative people become entities when they die, because they need to work through their negative energy before they can move on to the higher levels of love and support. They get stuck on the astral, because they are stuck in their own negative energies, that revolve around needing negative energy to manipulate and control life to survive, which is all a part of ego.

A good energy being does not get stuck on the astral plane when they die, because they hold the vibrations of love and support which grants them freedom and access to the higher spiritual planes, where there is no negative energy.

Entities can take different forms – but they all have one thing in common. They make people feel fear, anger or sadness. They make people feel disturbed and scared which means that they are negative.

Good spirits will never intervene or interfere in your life in a disturbing or scary way. They will always help in a loving and careful way, if you want them to, with your permission.

Entities and good spirits can sometimes be communicated with in dreams. In your dreams, try to avoid beings that wear the appearance of people that you don’t like (like masks) or people from the past that are no longer your friends. These beings are usually astral liars leading you astray.

If you have entities in your life or in your house, you can release them with a Light Axis Healing Session.

A Light Axis Healing Session can help to heal your past, present and future.

Written by Max Mancer – From Light Axis Healing
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