The Benefits of Upgrading and Evolving Your Decisions.

The Benefits of Upgrading and Evolving Your Decisions. If you don’t upgrade your decisions, you will find yourself repeating the wrong pattern of experience that will put you in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. This will lead you to having what you don’t want

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How To Make Better Decisions.

How To Make Better Decisions. Doing something creative can help you to practice the decision making process. Website designers practice making many decisions all the time, about what will make a website look nice and what won’t work. Musicians and visual artists, also make many decisions while they create art.

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How to Make Good Decisions

How to make Good Decisions. A good decision is based on the truth about what you know and feel right now. Sometimes we have ideas, thoughts and opportunities that are handed to us and we need to decide whether we should act upon those energies or let them go. Other

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